We understand the maser business and its critical service lifecycle to best support our loyal, fast-growing customers and their high-demanding requirements. That’s why we offer a unique, comprehensive line of iMaserCare services over the 30+ years product lifecycle for total customer satisfaction.

Supply & installation

The Supply & Installation service include the following components to name a few:

  • Special transportation crate
  • Ground/Air transportation provisions
  • Transportation insurance
  • Site planning
  • Setup & installation
  • Customer acceptance tests


The Training includes the following contents to name a few:

  • Maser basics
  • Setup, installation & operations
  • Operating & standby/sleep modes
  • Maintenance routines
  • Remote IP control & monitoring
  • Preventions, self-diagnostics & alarm alerts
  • Move, transport & crate requirements

Support services

The Support Services include the following offerings to name a few:

  • Extended warranty
  • Fast phone/email support
  • Onsite support
  • Maintenance check-ups
  • Remote IP control, monitoring & self-diagnostics
  • Spare parts

Lease options

The Lease Options include the following offerings to name a few:

  • Standard lease
  • Full service lease
  • Lease to purchase
  • Custom lease options

Support agreement

The Support Agreement includes the following offerings to name a few:

  • Gold level warranty & onsite support, including travel & lodging fees
  • Silver level warranty & onsite support, excluding travel & lodging fees
  • Bronze level warranty & remote support
  • Custom level agreements